The Five Way To Teach You How To Erase The Sticker

- Jan 09, 2018-

1, with a paper towel with some alcohol (the best use of industrial alcohol, do not use medical also do not do) wipe, and then rubbed on a few clean.

2. Acetone is used. The method is same as above. Less and more thorough, the best thing is that it can easily remove these residual resins very quickly and easily, better than alcohol.

3. Use water washing. It's also the same as alcohol acetone.  The effect is very good, too. The water washing water does not require quality, good or general, as long as it can be cleaned out of the nail polish.

4. Hand cream. First, tear off the printed products on the surface, then squeeze the hand cream on the top, rub it slowly with your thumb, rub it down for a while, and then rub down the sticky glue. It's a little slower. The hand cream belongs to the oils, and its properties are incompatible with the glue. It is the property that is used to remove the glue.

5. Use banana water. Is used to remove paint an industrial agent, it is very easy to buy (sell paint there is a place to sell). The method is the same as alcohol acetone.