The Classification Of Sticker

- Jan 09, 2018-

Sticker according to different standards, can be divided into the following categories: First: the use of surface material: paper, coated paper, transparent PVC, electrostatic PVC, polyester PET, laser paper, temperature resistant paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper, copper dragon, dragon, gold paper, silver silver plated paper, synthetic paper (CPC/PP/HYL/ excellent toughness paper / aluminum foil paper, pearl paper), fragile (Security) paper, textured paper, cloth standard (Tyvek / nylon), Pearl Dragon, sandwich plate, thermal paper. Two: use membrane class: transparent PET, translucent PET transparent OPP translucent OPP transparent PVC glossy white PVC, matte white PVC synthetic paper glossy gold (silver) polyester, matte gold (silver) polyester. Three: the use of glue type: General Super Sticky type, universal strong adhesive type, frozen food strong adhesive type, general re opened type fiber, re opened type four: use the bottom paper: white, blue and yellow glassine paper glassine (or garlic bulb onion) polyester PET polyethylene coated paper polyethylene kraft paper. The car looks like a person's clothes, and the car sticker is the most intuitive, the most striking, the simplest body fashion! People will choose clothing according to different occasions, different needs and different grades, and there are many kinds of car stickers.

From the first position to distinguish: paste usually include both sides of the body, and the gear, engine cover, light brow, skirt, hub, some do the whole body all around, it can be said from the position of the body on the whole car under the car stickers everywhere as long as the scope of the existing regulations allowed within reasonable creation, completely you can enjoy the interpretation of the owner's personality interests.

In distinction from the production process on the car according to the type of production process is mainly divided into three types: 1, carving, engraving machine cutting with the different colors of the adhesive sticker into various shapes, and then the different colors of the tape were superimposed, beautiful car is ready. 2, printing class, after printing good die cutting, the process is relatively simple, but the necessary quantity is large, otherwise the cost is too high! 3, printing or spraying one class, photo printing out after cutting; if one spraying directly out of finished products; but this kind of car has a weakness, can not cause the color relative to the surface of paper, engraving and printing, easy to fade.

Applicable scope: Carton labels, price labels, asset management, record labels and other applicable body of ordinary household appliances: Ribbon wax / wax tree, semi semi optional material: NTC Gelaxindi coated paper, NTC yellow coated paper, coated paper imports avery (all Gelaxindi): thermal paper material properties: non waterproof no, anti oil, can tear the scope of application: widely used to electronic scale supermarket label, chemical laboratories for ribbon: not with ribbon - optional material: NTC thermal paper / cardboard Tags: material properties: waterproof, anti oil, can tear the scope of application: clothing, footwear, supermarkets and shopping malls for the price card ribbon: wax / wax half half tree, optional material: NTC 210 grams, 250 grams of tag NTC tag, NTC tag, NTC 300 grams 350 grams, 500 grams of NTC tag tag (g degree according to the actual needs of customers for production) PET/PVC/ Synthetic paper: material properties: waterproof, anti oil, no tear, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, matte surface, and the light of Puguang (different material temperature resistance, oil resistance, water resistance is different) scope: electronics, electrical appliances, automobile, chemical industry PET: strong toughness PVC, crisp and hard, which is suitable for the smooth surface object ID: poor toughness, soft adhesive, synthetic paper used for non smooth surface of object ID: toughness in between, is applicable to the surface of the ribbon and items are required to use the logo: resin ribbon (according to the label material subdivision of collocation ribbon water mark model): also known as "water" washing cloth cloth "material properties: after repeated washing, can prevent oil application: clothing, shoes and hats, leather and other industries are required to use the ribbon: The resin ribbon stickers in today's society is no longer young patent toys, along with the progress of the society was born out of a lot of stickers personalized function. For example, now very popular in the car. The car is some personality sticker on the body, to achieve the purpose of warning or personalized. On the way we drive, we often see a variety of car stickers, some of which are attached to the door, and some on the trunk. In addition to individual car outside, another effect of this car is humorous reminder. For example, in traffic jam, we often see the sticker in front of the car, "hurry you are grey past ~", "do not beep, the more the beep is slower" and so on. When we see this kind of sticker that makes people laugh and laugh, the depressed strength of the traffic jam dissipate. In addition to the car sticker, there are glass stickers, wall stickers and other personal stickers for home decoration. When we worry about the cost of wall decoration, why don't you DIY several personalized stickers? As long as you are creative enough, decorate them on the wall, not only the cost is low, but also the effect of decoration is no lack of elegant artistic atmosphere. There are also a variety of blank stickers, that is, a sticker without any print, which can be used as a label.