The Benefits Of Glass Stickers

- Jan 09, 2018-

First, thermal insulation, energy saving, warm winter and cool summer: sunscreen, heat insulation and energy-saving film, equivalent to 24 centimeters of brick wall, which can block 60%~85% solar heat in summer, reduce indoor temperature by 3 degrees ~6, and winter can play a thermal insulation function.

Two, anti ultraviolet: Glass Sticker can block more than 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light.

Three, explosion-proof and anti-seismic: safety, anti-theft, heat and safety film toughness and super adhesion force with glass. Even if glass is broken into pieces, it will still adhere to a whole body, which will greatly reduce the risk.

Four, private: outside the window can not peep into the room.

Five, anti glare: film to glass block the sun's heat and glare, soften the glare.

Six, prevention of radiation: the use of metal coating to effectively prevent and decompose radiation electromagnetic waves, the damage and the risk factor to the lowest.