Super Soft Thermoplastic Elastomer Market Growth

- Jun 11, 2018-

Due to the high-end performance, ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers are increasingly used in the production of various products. Due to its opacity, flexibility, UV resistance, and other properties, medical device manufacturers have made super soft thermoplastic elastomers a new alternative. Supersoft thermoplastic elastomers, like common thermoplastics, have good thermoplastic properties and processability. Ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers can be classified as block copolymers and elastomer blends.


Ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers have a wide temperature range of -60 °C to 170 °C. High cost performance, is a silicone alternative. At the same time can replace PVC, latex, silicone rubber, medical catheters, syringes, dropper, washers, fan bags, children's toys and other applications. Ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers are compounds based on vulcanized polymers, styrene, olefins, etc. They can be sterilized by self-pressing, ethylene oxide and electron beams. Can replace silicone production gaskets, seals, diaphragms, drainage tubes, bottles, bags and so on. At the same time it is not as difficult to process as rubber, which provides a variety of manufacturing and processing companies to facilitate.


The wide application of thermoplastic elastomers in a variety of consumer products, medical products, automotive, electronic products, construction and industrial fields is of great significance for the development of the market of super-soft thermoplastic elastomers. Especially in the medical field, it indicates a direction for development.


In order to reduce carbon emissions, environmental protection agencies have formulated a series of regulations that aim to reduce the weight of an automobile by using plastic products instead of alloy components, thereby increasing vehicle fuel efficiency. The automotive component manufacturing, replacement of the medical field, and the demand for high-efficiency electronics manufacturing are the drivers of growth in the global market for ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers.


Emerging economies such as India and China in the Asia Pacific region are expected to have an important share of the global market for ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers. On the other hand, North America and Europe will also play a key role in this market due to the large number of end users.


The world's leading companies for ultra-soft thermoplastic elastomers include Hexpol Group, Franplast, Dynasault, BASF, Dow Chemicals, Asahi Kasei Japan, Costron, Kraton, Tosoh Corporation, Rayon, Teknor, Primex, and color granulation. PolyOne, Sumitomo Japan, Lyondell Basel, Lubrizol, Evonik and others.