SBS Adhesive Prices High Nowhere

- Jun 29, 2018-

Leading Word: Domestic SBS Adhesive Renovation Spots are scarce, and the market price has pushed up to 17,000-17500 Yuan/ton. Under the rising favorable atmosphere, can SBS Adhesives continue to push up?


    SBS Adhesive is in a rebound period. What is the market's high point?


High Point Low Point Change Rebound Point Change

The first wave

25000 19000 -24% 21300 12%

The second wave

22200 13600 -38% 16200 19%

As shown in the above table, we learn from the rise and fall of the first wave of market prices, and calculate that the second wave of rebound points is 16,200 yuan/ton, then we can calculate the profit margin of traders at 600-800 yuan/ton, SBS adhesive market prices or Will rebound to around 16800-17000 yuan / ton.

Analysis of SBS Adhesives

At present, Sinopec Huazhong Ganjiao Road has changed its supply price at 15,900 yuan/ton. Vendors in the venue will raise the factory price by 300-500 yuan/ton, and if they increase by 300 yuan/ton, this will rebound from the historical experience. The same price.

SBS dry rubber market prices have been pushed up to 17000-17500 yuan / ton, but the market spot is scarce, the transaction price is also more low-end price. The supply price is expected to increase, but the market price is unlikely to continue rising.

In summary, the asphalt modification in the downstream of SBS is still in peak season. As the weather turns cold in Northwest China, the actual consumption will gradually decrease. The market price of SBS Adhesive Dao Change may have pushed up to the high point in the second half of the year. However, the supplier's direct supply policy favors the supply side, and the cost side continues to be strongly supported. The market price may continue to be high.