Resolution Of Materials Such As Thermoplastic Elastomer TPR

- Aug 08, 2018-

What I want to say here is TPR, which is originally an abbreviation of Thermoplastic Rubber, which means thermoplastic rubber. (Initially santoprene is based on TPR. Later, in order to more accurately represent the meaning of vulcanized rubber, TPV was used, of which V is Vulcanizate. The first letter, in order to distinguish the thermoplastic elastomer without chemical cross-linking or vulcanization. Subsequently, the elastomer of the general styrene-based elastomer is called TPR, but it is generally used to the two base materials sebs and SBS. In order to distinguish the two base materials, some regions began to call the thermoplastic elastomer with SBS as TPR, and the thermoplastic elastomer with SEBS as TPE. Because in addition to the price, the price of SEBS is usually domestic and imported. Between 30000 and 45,000, the price of SBS is around 20,000. The performance of the two is obviously very different. But for those who don't understand the new introduction of thermoplastic elastomer, there is still some experience and knowledge. The following are some common plastics. Sharing of material discrimination experience:

1.SBS burns flames, black smoke, pungent smell, burnt place is not sticky, the surface of the product is bright, SBS in the case of sun exposure, oil, under freezing conditions, feel hard.

2. After the SEBS burns, the flame is stable, white smoke, taste like a candle, and the burnt place is very sticky.

3. The TPV burns very pungent and feels comfortable and delicate.

4. The TPU burns a little aromatic and has good scratch resistance.

5. PP polypropylene is easy to melt and drip, and there is less yellow and blue smoke on the flame, and it continues to burn oil. After burning, you can pull up the filaments.

6. PE polyethylene is easy to melt and drip, the flame is yellow and blue, and the burning smell of paraffin is continued, and there is a layer of wax on the surface after burning.

7. Polystyrene PS Easy to soften foaming orange yellow, thick black smoke, charcoal end Continue to burn the surface oily light has a special scent, underarm is very brittle, will not produce white mouth.

8. When ABS burns, the yellow flame produces thick smoke. After burning, there will be fine pores on the burning surface, which will produce white mouth.

9.PC, easy to soften and foam. There is a small amount of black smoke.

10. PVC is difficult to soften. There is smoke on the yellow and green. It is off the fire and irritating.

11.EVA, when burning, it has less blue flame and has a lot of sourness.

12. POE, the flame is mostly blue or light blue, the smell is mild and light, and the smoke is white.

13.PA burns very slowly, has molten drops, and smells like wool.