Increasing Environmental Protection Requirements, Vicious Competition

- May 28, 2018-

In 2018, China's plasticizer manufacturers entered a transition period, plasticizer manufacturers can not win in the high-end environmental plasticizers, to meet the changes in market demand, seize opportunities, related to the vitality of production enterprises.

Plasticizers have an irreplaceable role in the industry, and the development prospects are relatively good. At present, because environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, the development of enterprises will be restricted. Plasticizer companies should vigorously develop science and technology and use the network to further expand sales channels. In order to expand the benefits and promote the upgrading and transformation of enterprises, at the present stage, the medium and low end plasticizer market is mainly price competition, and the entire market exceeds supply, but most domestic plasticizer companies have been sticking to the principle and not pursuing it. Innovation has led to confusion in the entire middle and low-end market, leading to vicious competition and has entered a period of enthusiasm. On the other hand, domestic plasticizer manufacturers are facing increasingly fierce market competition and are striving to reduce costs. Under the irrational distribution of product structure, low-level products are mass-produced, resulting in excess production capacity, loss or profit of enterprises, and low demand.