How To Use Jelly Stickers

- Jan 09, 2018-

Jelly paste can be used in this way:

Sol, cook because of different heat resistance, jelly jelly glue, can accelerate the sol sol respectively. The 5min can be boiled at the temperature of the lowest temperature that is lower than the glue. It can be stirred at any time to prevent the coke wall. The heat resistance of gelatin is the worst, it can not exceed 82 degrees C, and the konjac gum can not endure high temperature above 80 degrees centigrade for a long time

. Therefore, the selection of cooking temperature is 75 C, heating and boiling about 10min, so that the glue is completely dissolved.

When the mixture is reduced to 70, other ingredients, such as fruit powder and sucrose, should be stirred to uniform when mixed, so as to avoid the quality of the product.

The filter is filtered by 120 filter cloth to remove trace impurities and foam, that is, a transparent, sticky mixed solution is made.

The mixing liquid is heated by water bath first.

The temperature is 65 Centigrade, and the time is 20min. The citric acid and other auxiliary materials are dissolved in appropriate amount of water and then added, and then stirred for 10min and removed.

The deployment of liquid filling and sterilization gum good keep 0min at 85 DEG C for sterilization, and then take advantage of hot filling and sealing. The jelly can be obtained by cooling and sterilizing after cooling and sterilizing.