The 10th Asian Plastics And Rubber Industry Exhibition In 2018

- May 15, 2018-

As one of Asia's largest plastics and rubber industry exhibitions, it is expected to attract over 1,000 companies from more than 20 countries and regions around the world to look forward to your visit. The 9th Asia Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition attracted more than 800 well-known companies, including the American Pavilion, the Japan Pavilion, the Korean Pavilion, the Australian Pavilion, the Italian Pavilion, the Swiss Pavilion, the Russian Pavilion, the Dutch Pavilion, and the Domestic The first-line brands gathered, Coperion, Fuxin Group, Faw Plastics, Reifenhauser, Juwei, basf, Branch Control, Anji presses, Renjin Technology, Brückner, Denmark, Vodafone, Diyi Machinery, Liansu Machinery, Handan Industrial, Bangcheng Machinery, Bangcheng Machinery, KraussMaffei Berstorff, Entesi, Germany, Kaifair, Jinmatai, Yandian Hot Runner, German Stepui, and Wei Machinery, Vinda Machinery, Leopolds, Mordan Caledoni, Xinkai Industrial, KraussMaffei Group, Zhongyun Group, etc., will hold “Industry 4.0 Forum” “Design x Innovation” and “Medical Many forums and events such as the Plastic Forum have invited domestic and foreign experts and representatives to come and interact with each other to discuss industry development trends and share their own experiences and achievements. By then, we warmly welcome users of plastics and rubber technology at home and abroad. its Guan industry professionals to visit and exchange!

Exhibition scope:

• 3D Technology • Injection Molding Machines • Auxiliary Equipment • Thin Film Technology • Blow Molding Machines • Decoration, Decoration, Printing and Labeling Machinery and Equipment • Chemicals and Raw Materials, Excipients • Integrated Automation Equipment • Additives • Pre-Processing, Recycling Machinery and Equipment • Pigments and Masterbatches • Foam, Reaction or Reinforcement Resin Machinery • Composite and Special Materials • Measuring, Control and Test Equipment • Extruders and Extrusion Lines • Moulds • Other Processing, Post Processing Machines • Presses, Welders • Zero Components • Semi-manufactured products, etc. Who to visit: Manufacturers/distributors/agents/service units including: • Automotive • Construction, urban infrastructure • Chemicals and raw materials • Electronic information and appliances • Packaging end-users (including foodstuffs , Beverages, Daily Chemicals, etc.) • General Plastic Products • Lighting & LED • Machinery Manufacturing • Medical • Molds • Packaging • Plastic Furniture • Recycling • Rubber Products • Wires & Cables • Others: Toys, Culture, Education, Sporting Goods, Tools, etc.