Latest Environmental Plasticizer

- May 30, 2018-

CCP plasticizer´╝Ü

Taiwan's Changchun Chemical launched CCP CIZER D-810 plasticizer, due to the absence of phthalate harmful substances, it was widely welcomed by the market. This new type of plasticizer is non-toxic, contains no quasi-oestrogen and anti-androgen substances, no carcinogenic substances, and does not cause peroxisomal proliferation. CCP CIZER D-810 plasticizers are the least risky alternatives for children's toy manufacturers who are looking to find other plasticizers that can be placed in their mouths. They are simple and easy substitutes for plasticizers. This plasticizer meets the highest standards of regulatory requirements, and its non-toxic properties allow many toy manufacturers to feel comfortable with consumers. The plasticizer does not need to be reconfigured, reducing the risk of expensive product recalls and customer complaints due to secondary configuration errors. Due to its low initial viscosity and excellent viscosity stability and processability, the plasticizer can meet high-speed molding production efficiency and cycle requirements, and can ensure uniform surface thickness. It can also be used for nitro wood coatings, adhesives, etc.