Does TPR Material Affect Infants?

- Jun 06, 2018-

Now more and more baby products are beginning to use tpr material. After all, the baby's physical fitness is poor, so many parents will have some concerns, tpr baby can use it, tpr material has an effect on the baby. On this issue, KWH will provide answers based on its own TPR experience and hope to help everyone.

TPR infants can use it, in fact, on the TPR products can generally be divided into two categories, one is the skin, oral contact and non-oily foods at room temperature transient contact class. Such as baby rice spoons, baby bibs, baby soft toys, baby folding tubs, etc., this type of baby products, because it is not directly in contact with food, or the contact with food is not harsh, generally only requires the material to comply with ROHS, REACH or Toy EN71 related tests can be. Moreover, TPR materials are mild in chemical properties and have no allergic effects on baby skin. This type of baby products can use TPR raw materials.

   Another category is for long-term exposure or storage of high-temperature oily foods. Such as bowls or containers full of food soup, baby pacifiers, etc. This type of baby products, because the material needs to be in direct or longer contact with food (especially oily foods should pay more attention to), so that small molecules of chemical substances in the TPR material may be dissolved in food, and then taken by the baby Into. Although TPE, TPR do not contain (or the content meets relevant test standards) toxic plasticizers (o-benzene), nonylphenol, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, bisphenol A, etc., although there is no clear evidence that TPR materials may The residual small molecules that will dissolve into the food can cause serious harm to the baby, but considering the safety of the special group of infants, TPE and TPR materials are not recommended for baby products that come into contact with this type of food. . Tpr baby can use it I believe we have a certain understanding, some things baby can be used, and some things baby can not use.