DIY Stickers

- Jan 09, 2018-

Today's social sticker is no longer a patent toy for young people. With the progress of society, stickers have produced a lot of personalized function.

For example, now very popular in the car. The car is some personality sticker on the body, to achieve the purpose of warning or personalized. On the way we drive, we often see a variety of car stickers, some of which are attached to the door, and some on the trunk. In addition to individual car outside, another effect of this car is humorous reminder. For example, in traffic jam, we often see the sticker in front of the car, "hurry you are grey past ~", "do not beep, the more the beep is slower" and so on. When we see this kind of sticker that makes people laugh and laugh, the depressed strength of the traffic jam dissipate.

In addition to the car sticker, there are glass stickers, wall stickers and other personal stickers for home decoration. When we worry about the cost of wall decoration, why don't you DIY several personalized stickers? As long as you are creative enough, decorate them on the wall, not only the cost is low, but also the effect of decoration is no lack of elegant artistic atmosphere.

There are also a variety of blank stickers, that is, a sticker without any print, which can be used as a label. Now many old people use this blank sticker to remind themselves to do something. For example, write on the sticker to do what you want to do today, and then put it in the eye of the room to remind yourself not to forget.