Clean Glass Stickers

- Jan 09, 2018-

1, chemical methods

1) the wind cream removal method to remove the adhesive stickers wind cream. Coat the adhesive stickers on the wind cream (a little thick), a moment after the penetration of dry cloth can be rubbed off, leaving no trace. If no wind spirits, to toothpaste can also be replaced, but the effect is slightly worse.

2) hot towel removal method, you can first use a hot towel to cover a car soaked, so wet, and some logo stickers can easily tear off. Encounter a long time, strong adhesive labels, if the windshield is not affixed to the sun film, you can use a special cleaning fluid removal, such as asphalt cleaner. Without these scavengers, you can also soak them with soapy water or detergent water, and you can also achieve full removal. "

3) hydrogen peroxide removal method, hydrogen peroxide can soften the already hardened adhesive, use method is to use a towel dipped in hydrogen peroxide, wipe the car standard, wipe a few times repeatedly, after a minute or so can be peeled off.

4) alcohol clearance method, this method is similar to the hydrogen peroxide method, you can use a small amount of alcohol dipped in a towel wipe the car standard repeatedly, but it can not be sprayed directly on the glass, otherwise it will damage the car membrane

2, the physical method

1) Use the blade gently scrape the car, this method can simply go out the car standard, but will leave a little scratches on the car, at night will be very obvious.

2) hair dryer method, with electric hair dryer hot wind car logo, and other car below the glue softened, you can directly tear down.

3) The hard plastic method, (such as the use of the prepaid card, game card, membership card, etc.) method and the blade method is similar, because the plastic sheet hardness is small, scratch the glass when the damage is relatively small.