White oil SEBS effect on performance

- Jun 12, 2018-

In general, pure SEBS polymers are rarely used on the final product alone. In most applications, SEBS and other components are used as a mixture. According to different requirements and different application fields, various blends can be prepared by mixing various substances such as oil, other polymers, fillers and additives (antioxidants, agent pigments) in SEBS. The addition of extender oil can increase the flowability of SEBS and improve its processing performance; it can also adjust the hardness of the blends and reduce the cost of the product. The filler oils suitable for SEBS are naphthenic and white oils, because these two oils only have good compatibility with the SEEB's middle EB section, do not dissolve the PS phase in the softened SEBS, and the oil-filled SEBS products do not dissolve. Continue to maintain a stable physical cross-linked network. The aromatic hydrocarbon filler oil has a strong dissolution effect on the PS phase in the SEBS, destroys the physical cross-linked network structure of the product, and greatly reduces the mechanical properties of the product. Relatively speaking, in most application fields, because of the better compatibility of the SEBS middle block EB segment with the paraffin-based white oil, paraffin base white oil is generally used as the SEBS extender oil. White oil is classified into 5#, 7#, 15#, 26#, and 32# grades based on its viscosity. Different brands of white oil have some differences in the performance of SEBS products.