What are the advantages of TPE?

- Jun 13, 2018-

1. Can be processed with general thermoplastic molding machine, no special processing equipment is required.

2. The production efficiency has greatly increased. It can be vulcanized directly with a rubber injection molding machine. The time from the original 20 minutes can be shortened to less than 1 minute. Since the required vulcanization time is very short, the extruder can be used for direct vulcanization and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

3. Easy to recycle and reduce costs. The waste generated during the production process (ejected flash, extruded plastic waste) and the final waste product can be directly returned and reused; the used TPE old product can be recycled after simple regeneration, reduce environmental pollution, and expand the source of renewable resources.

4. Energy saving. Most thermoplastic elastomers do not require vulcanization or have very short vulcanization times, which can effectively save energy. Taking high-pressure hose production as an example, energy consumption is 188 MJ/kg for rubber and 144 MJ/kg for TPE, which can save energy by more than 25%.

5. The application area is wider. As TPE combines the advantages of rubber and plastic, it opens up new applications for the rubber industry.

6. It can be used for the reinforcement and toughening modification of plastics. Self-reinforcing, formula simplification, and the influence of the compounding agent on the polymer are small, and the quality and performance are easier to grasp. However, the heat resistance of TPE is not as good as that of rubber. As the temperature rises, the physical properties of the TPE are greatly reduced, so the application range is limited. At the same time, compressive deformation, elastic recovery, and durability are relatively inferior to rubbers, and prices are often higher than comparable rubbers. Despite this, the advantages of TPE are still very prominent, and various new TPE products have also been continuously developed. As a new type of raw materials for energy saving and environmental protection, the development prospects are very promising.

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