Wall decoration stickers how to use

- Jan 09, 2018-

1, first choose the location of the sticker paste, and then to paste the location - walls, glass, furniture and other dust or grease above clean.

2, hand-held stickers first gestures how to paste the best look.

3, the beginning of the paste, paste the middle and then press the left and right.

4, if the post feeling dissatisfied with the location, please tear off slowly for the location and then paste, if posted after a bubble with a needle bar run away air on it.

Wall stickers can be directly attached to the new wall stickers, can be attached to the wall, furniture, ceramics, glass, mirror, household appliances, you can scrub, the back of the adhesive (without another glue) , Whether the wall is a concrete wall or a paint wall can be affixed to go, do not want to be able to peel off at any time, will not leave the glue in the wall. For home wall / furniture / shops and other decorations, beautiful, stylish, easy to paste, instantly make the room a new look.

Bottom glue wallpaper is currently the most widely used wallpaper varieties, with diverse colors, rich patterns, affordable, dirt-resistant, scrub-resistant and other major advantages.