Is the TPE/TPR silicone process really feasible?

- Jun 27, 2018-

1.the history of silicone

Silicone is a kind of toy material. It is a bit soft and has good characteristics. It is generally used for dolls. It is generally hollow, but it is also solid and the cost will be high. Since the birth of the world's first ROTOCAST machine in Germany in 1924 and the successful production of the first toy “Chocolate Rabbit”, the unique shaping force of silicone has been bound to bring infinite new visual experience to the world. . With the popularity and popularity of a series of representative works, Tanjung has added colorful colors to the traditional entertainment industry.

2, silicone and process introduction

a, what is the material

Tannin is a pasty resin blended with PVC powder, plasticizers, softeners and other additives.


b, roughly process flow

Manufacture of silicone rubber molds - Silicone furnace, retort furnace heating (silicone furnace temperature 250°C~280°C tannin plastic 2 minutes. Reheat furnace temperature 100°C, 10 minutes or so) -Cooling forming - decorative injection etc Process - finished product.


3,Opportunities for TPE/TPR

The unique shaping force of the tannin processing technology gives the unique charm of the tannin toys and other tannin products, making the tannin processing technology still have a strong vitality after 90 years. It is worth mentioning that the environmental protection soft TPR material has been gradually popularized in the toy industry in recent years. At present, the TPR silicon rubber process is a problem that users are more concerned about. TPR soft rubber heating temperature is higher than soft PVC (soft PVC can be plastic molding at 120 ~ 140 °C, and TPR soft rubber need to be above 150 °C to have good fluidity), and TPR soft rubber hardness is higher , The higher the required processing temperature of the silicone, the greater the difficulty of processing. Therefore, if the TPR is processed using a silicone process, the temperature control of the silicon furnace and the reflow furnace is very important.


TPE/TPR silicone processing is not yet mature in China, but there are also TPE pioneers in the process of exploration. The environmental protection of TPE/TPR and the unique shaping power of the silicone rubber process give TPE/TPR silicone processing opportunities. Of course, the properties of TPE/TPR and vinyl PVC are somewhat different. After all, the TPE/TPR silicone process may be feasible. However, practitioners still need to work hard to gradually develop a set of feasible processing technologies and methods.