TPR folding processing related parameters

- May 17, 2018-

Specific gravity 0.85~1.20, shrinkage rate 1.5~3%; Baking material: Some special products need to be processed before drying, it is recommended to dry for 2 hours at 60~80°C; recommended injection temperature: 130~190°C for SBS substrate; SEBS substrate 120~250°C. Due to the wide space for adjustment of hardness and properties of TPR materials, the processing temperature of materials is in a relatively large range, and specific TPR material suppliers can be consulted. The same material, TPR material extrusion temperature can be lower than the injection temperature 30 ~ 40 °C. In addition to a single injection molding and extrusion processing, TPR material can be overmolded overmolding, or two-color injection molding, and hard plastic PP, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PA, PS, PE compound injection molding, or molding with metal materials. For the second injection of different hard plastic materials, TPR materials with different formulations and physical properties should be selected according to customer requirements.