TPE tensile properties

- Sep 27, 2018-

If the permanent deformation rate of a TPE material is 0, then the 300% modulus should be 3 times the 100% modulus, but because TPE has permanent deformation, that is, TPE will exist when stretching. The molecular chain is destroyed, so the force that is generally used at the end of stretching is smaller, so the 300% modulus is generally smaller than three times the 100% modulus. The more you pull back, the more serious the damage to the molecular chain, and this situation will become more and more obvious.

 There is also a relatively obvious rule that the elongation at break of a material having a large tensile strength is small, and the elongation at break of a material having a small tensile strength is large. (Of course, the prerequisite is the material of the same substrate). In the case where the filler is not considered, the higher the hardness, the higher the tensile strength of the material.