TPE material odor control

- Jul 28, 2018-

The odor of TPE is caused by the volatilization of the compounded components at high temperatures to produce odorous small molecules. Controlling and reducing the odor of TPE materials can be regulated from both raw material component selection and production process control. The process of controlling the odor in the production process, the common ones are stripping, adsorption, and devolatilization.

As far as TPE materials are concerned, they are basically non-toxic. In addition, the polymer plastic is non-toxic and odorless at room temperature, and the odor of the TPE material is generally derived from the organic and inorganic small molecular substances introduced in the compound. The introduction of inferior operating oils, compatibilizers, functional auxiliaries (such as flame retardants, crosslinkers, fragrances, antibacterial agents, etc.) will make the odor of the entire TPE material system full of variables. The key to TPE odor control lies in the choice of small molecular components in the compounding system.