The sticker to the wall, what glue is used

- Jan 09, 2018-

Wallpaper glue, the focus falls on the glue, is used to stick wallpaper. Is the use of natural plant potato starch as raw material, made of polymer extracts made of special viscose products. Guarantee wallpaper paste and service life is the most basic function. At the same time, Jia Li Feng also requires environmentally friendly products. Can not pursue environmental sticking ignorance, or pursue sticky force Ignore environmental protection.

1, construction problems, this link is mainly on the uneven work of workers gluing. The current construction market, after-sales are by the construction workers themselves to solve, so many workers in the construction can avoid uneven brushing.

2, wallpaper glue problem. Adhesive enough glue, the service life is not long. Bond is not enough, a long time naturally Alice side Qiaojiao. Many people have lived in hotels, hotels often see the wallpaper will Alice Qiaojiao, in fact, not because of construction or wallpaper, many reasons are out in the glue above. We all know that the hotel decoration period than the home decoration period is shorter, but still there is such a problem, the problem lies in the glue. Engineering plastic is the cheapest plastic on the market, that is, a group of homemade glue and plastic powder. But if you choose to import the barrel of plastic, such problems can be substantially reduced.

3, the wallpaper follow-up maintenance problems.

4, waterproof wall is not done, the phenomenon of chalking damp wall, glue loss of bond.