Research on Elastic Plastic Electrode of Peking University

- Sep 03, 2018-

Recently, the Nanochemistry Research Center of Peking University successfully prepared high-quality graphene/PET flexible plastic electrodes, and on this basis, a composite flexible conductive film of graphene/metal nanowire/PET was prepared in batches. It exhibits excellent durability in harsh working environments and has significant potential applications in the next generation of flexible electronics and optoelectronics.

      The graphene/nanowire/PET flexible transparent electrode exhibits superior electrical conductivity and light transmission, excellent mechanical flexibility and peel resistance, excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. The method of rapid preparation of graphene film by continuous roll-to-roll CVD growth-package transfer-non-destructive stripping has broken through many technical bottlenecks, and has realized continuous and large-scale production of high-quality graphene film and high-performance flexible transparent electrode. The potential of industrial production.

Researchers at the Center for Nanochemistry Research at Peking University have developed a new roll-to-roll method for the rapid growth of graphene films, and developed a roll-to-roll hot stamping-electrochemical rapid bubble transfer method to achieve graphene from The copper foil growth substrate is directly transferred to the industrial PET flexible transparent plastic substrate without loss, thereby preparing a high quality graphene/PET flexible plastic electrode. On this basis, researchers in the rapid transfer of graphene, metal nanowires (silver nanowires, copper nanowires, etc.) network directly encapsulated between graphene and flexible plastic substrates, batch preparation of graphene / metal nano Line/PET composite flexible conductive film.