The point of jet falling off of TPR products

- May 31, 2018-

We make an analysis of the problem of TPR product ink jet falling off: replace the paint, add the same elastomeric base material with TPR, the elastomer base material used in TPR can dissolve in the strong polar solvent used in the paint, and after adding the elastomer substrate, the adhesive paint is sprayed on the surface of the TPR products in order to enhance the viscosity of the paint. Since the two all contain the same ingredient "elastic resin", the combination of the TPR products and the paint is not only on the surface, but the adhesion of the paint and products to the molecular class. The elastomer resin of the same properties in the two systems has penetrated at the molecular level, and the paint has melted with the surface of the TPR products. Bonding, not like ordinary paint just sticky on the surface of TPR products, meaning that the reason is that the paint is not soluble in material and paint, paint (ink) is only attached to the surface of the TPR material, not to see the interior of the TPR products, so a long time will appear to paint the skin of the phenomenon, to match the paint. It is necessary to tell the paint manufacturer that it is sprayed on the TPR material, so it is necessary to make some formulations on the paint formula, and match the paint with TPR material.