How to sticker window grilles

- Jan 09, 2018-

Wipe the windows with a dry cloth first, do not rub the test with alcohol or other solvents and spray a little water (watering can) on the glass.

Tape the top of the window to be fixed. Pull the bottom of the window blind with one hand (straighten, flatten) and the other hand with a squeegee or student ruler (do not start too hard) until the window grilles and glass fit together.

After the window is affixed, if there is air in the middle of the start, the bubbles one by one to catch on both sides, as there are bubbles and moisture exist, you can use fine needles to pierce the bubble, let the air escape, and then use paper towels to the rest Water dry, then the excess part of the four weeks crossed with a blade on the line.

Wash off the window is very easy, first to the above water, so wet it all, with the newspaper into a group, a few times wiped away.