How to remove the car's reflective sticker

- Jan 10, 2018-

The biggest trouble car reflective stickers brought to us is difficult to remove gum, and the best way to deal with this kind of adhesive is high. The high temperature to melt adhesive, lose stickiness, so you can easily remove. So before removing the auto reflective sticker, we need to prepare a high power blower and a power inverter.

Usage method

Pay attention to cleaning: before cleaning the car reflective paste, we should first clean the vehicle and wipe it up, so that we can find residual glue around the sticker. Of course, the water will bring us unnecessary trouble, it must be cleaned.

Attention to the wind tunnel: in the clearance of automobile reflective sticker, the flat mouth of the wind tube should be concentrated, improve work efficiency, reduce the excessive diffusion of heat to the finger baking. If there is a familiar car decoration Center, can borrow from the professional to the hair dryer, its fast heating, high temperature, but also should try to control the temperature below 200 DEG C.

Attention to the finger: the left thumb will have a strong sense of scorching, especially at the beginning, under the blow of the hot air. The heating can be longer in the initial position, ensure the gum melted, remove air duct after removal. Then it can be carried out at the same time to improve the speed. If the construction time is longer, the burning sensation may last for 1~2 days.

Warm hints: in the removal of the auto reflective sticker, we must adjust the mood not to be too irritable to avoid the damage to the paint because of your own mistakes.