How to make a sticker

- Jan 10, 2018-

It can be printed with inkjet printer. The printing effect of Canon 1880 printer is very good, but the printer cartridge is expensive. The ink cartridge life of printer is about 1W-3W sheets of paper (the size of ordinary A4 paper is larger, and the amount of color consumption is larger). See the use and maintenance.

Recommended buy a printer in flowers into 100 fast, continuous ink system, or print to 20-100 is out of ink, so it is a new printer (business to you ink is to charge you fees, so all manufacturers, but continuous ink cartridges, there is no warranty, the cartridge is broken you can only change the new printer, the warranty, the choice of a good ink, otherwise affect printing, printing ink is very important,.

Print sticker is generally A4, smooth back dry adhesive tape (A4 is ordinary printing paper size), stationery shop sell, can consult the photo back to dry paper, print out the effect and the same in the photos, paste a layer of plastic film (Leng Zhuanyin), is a sticker, can be waterproof, prevent discoloration, paste plastic film needs to be very careful, because there may be put into the air, then scrapped photos, a little bit posted on the photo, with a rag in the back rub, brushed and paste up, very neat, can not use the plastic film, but see the water or for a long time, personal choice.