Environmental plasticizer

- May 10, 2018-

The main varieties of epoxy plasticizers: epoxy soybean oil, epoxy acetyl linoleic acid methyl ester, epoxy butyl phthalate, epoxy cocoon butyl phthalate, epoxy soybean octyl oleate, 9,10- Epoxy stearate and so on. In PVC products, it is mainly characterized by its plasticity and stability. Epoxy plasticizers (epoxidized oils and fats) are a class of excellent plasticizers produced by the epoxidation of natural oils in organic peroxyacids with minimal toxicity compared to the main plasticizers DOP and DBP. Its outstanding advantages are its non-toxic, heat-resistant and light-resistant stability, and it is allowed in many countries for food and pharmaceutical packaging materials.QQ截图20180510113331.png