How to deal with the appearance of water marks on the surface of TPR toy products during molding

- Jun 04, 2018-

1 Select the right bath agent. Under normal circumstances, the first cornerstone does not recommend manufacturers to prepare their own paint, but should seek assistance from professional paint suppliers.


2 Design the material level as flat as possible. If the design is limited, the paint should be diluted as much as possible so as to reduce the effect of burning by the accumulation of solvent.


3 The amount of water in the mouth should be less than 30%.


4 If there is a fuel injection process, TPE containing PP and PE components should be avoided.


As for the solvent, it is mainly used to dilute the resin, as well as to erode the surface of the plastic parts, so that the plastic parts have more surface area for bonding. As far as TPE paints are concerned, they are mainly based on aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones. As for the color powder and additives, the color of the paint itself and the reduction of foaming occur separately.