Citric acid ester plasticizer

- Jun 06, 2018-

Tributyl citrate (TBC) has attracted wide attention due to its good compatibility, high plasticizing efficiency, non-toxicity, low volatility, and strong weatherability, and has become the preferred green environmental protection product for phthalates. It maintains good flexibility in the cold area, is light-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, has good thermal stability during melting, does not change color, and is durable and safe. It is suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging, plasma bags, and disposables. Injection tubing, etc. TBC can be plasticized for PVC, PP and cellulose resins, and its compatibility is good. TBC and other non-toxic plasticizers can improve the hardness of products, especially for soft fiber ethers; TBC is non-toxic and antibacterial. The role of bacteria does not breed, but also has a flame retardant, so it is used in a large amount of vinyl resin; film, beverage tubes, food bottle seals, medical machinery, hospital walls, homes, hotels and public places and other siding, Ceilings, cafeterias, kitchens, etc. are in need of such sterilized flame-retardant plasticizers. Plasticizers are also used in plastic articles in vehicles with defense aircraft, warships, and tanks; TBCs are used in toy plastics. The amount is also very large; with improved UV resistance of nitrocellulose, is a solvent for a variety of spices; can enhance the detergent's ability to decontamination; as a cosmetic additive, emulsifier, can play a role in treatment and nutrition of wounded skin, but also to prevent Ultraviolet rays evaporate moisture from the stratum corneum of the skin to protect the skin with moisturizing and physiological elasticity; as a smoothing agent for lubricating oils, extreme pressure anti- friction agents, and polyoxyethylene resins; and HCN poisoning generated when cigarettes are burned in tobacco after adding TBC. Absorbed by TBC to reduce the harm to smokers, TBC can maintain the resilience of cigarettes without being broken; as a foam remover containing protein liquids, footwear deodorizer, paper flavoring additives, anti-coke for rubber industry processing Agent.

ATBC is a non-toxic, tasteless primary plasticizer and ATBC is less toxic than TBC. ATBC, as the main plasticizer, has strong solubility, good oil resistance and light resistance, and has good anti-mold properties. It has good compatibility with most celluloses, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl acetate, etc. and is mainly used as a plasticizer for cellulose resins and vinyl resins. In terms of children's toys, with the continuous discovery of DOP toxicity data, more and more areas are forbidden to use DOP, while ATBC is non-toxic, odorless, has good transparency, low water extraction rate, and its plasticized plastic products have excellent processing performance. With good heat sealing and secondary processing, it is especially suitable as a main plasticizer for children's toys. In the packaging of meat products, ATBC is non-toxic and can be used as a packaging material for meat products, while DOP cannot be used in the field of high-fat food packaging. And ATBC tasteless, will not cause food odor, plasticized plastic products through its transparent, printing performance is good.

In terms of medical products, ATBC is non-toxic and has a low water withdrawal rate. It has no potential harm to the human body and its plasticized medical products are good at high temperature and low temperature resistance. ATBC as an excellent plasticizer not only satisfies the conditions of non-toxic plasticizers, but also can be used in general plastic products. Cellulose film plasticized with ATBC has a low volatility loss, and has a stronger adhesion to metals than DBP-containing cellulose film.