Causes of TPR Toys Too Smell

- Jun 15, 2018-

Toys made by many manufacturers' TPR materials emit a very large and unpleasant smell. Of course, the cause of this odor is a combination of factors, from the machine, the operation procedure, and the operation method.

TPR is always unavoidable, but we can reduce the odor so that people do not feel bad, so that everyone can accept. Different manufacturers have their own recipes and the odors are different. To achieve light odors, this requires a perfect combination of formula and craftsmanship to achieve good performance.


TPR material

1. Formulation: Most of the doll materials are TPR materials based on SBS. SBS should be considered in selection. SBS itself has odor and the smell of oil gel is larger than that of dry glue. Try to use K glue to increase the hardness, reduce the amount of use of PS, the choice of oil on the flash point of the high wax level. White oil refining impure heating will also have a certain smell, it is recommended to select the regular manufacturers of products.


TPR toys

2. Process: The TPR dollhouse material with SBS as the main base material must strictly control the process. It is better not to use the high-speed mixing drum with the horizontal type, and the time is not too long. Processing temperature In general, try to control the low temperature, cut 180 degrees, the last few 160 degrees is enough, more than 200 degrees SBS is easy to aging, the smell will increase a lot. The TPR pellets to be made should be cooled as soon as possible to volatilize the odor and ensure that most of the heat is not contained in the package.