Basic characteristics of TPR

- May 15, 2018-

- Rubber's resilience and good abrasion resistance, excellent anti-slipping property and shock absorbing performance. TPR material's softness and comfort are superior to rubber, but its tensile strength, fatigue resistance and mechanical properties are inferior to vulcanized rubber.

- Use temperature range -45 ~ 90 °C. Generally speaking TPR material is based on SBS substrate, its chemical properties are as follows: weather resistance, aging resistance in general, temperature 70 ~ 75 °C. If you need to resist aging and temperature For good materials, SEBS substrate modified materials can be selected.

- Hardness characteristics, TPR material can adjust its hardness at 5 ~ 100 degrees Shore hardness, SEBS as the base material of the modified material can be adjusted to a lower hardness.

- Processing characteristics, TPR material and some glue, ink, etc. have a good bonding performance, with a good spray screen printing processability.

-Environmental protection characteristics, TPR material as environmental protection soft rubber, major hazard substances such as plasticizers Phthalate, nonylphenol NP, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs testing, in line with ROHS, REACH, EN71-3, ASTMF963 environmental protection Testing standards.