Application of Glass Sticker

- Jan 09, 2018-

In recent years, with the Chinese government's attention to energy saving, glass patch has been widely applied to many famous buildings.

1. Glass Sticker applied to business buildings

The glass patch is mounted on the surface of the glass to make the space uniform and harmonious. It prevents the glass from breaking and splashing, and effectively obstruces the heat radiation, reduces the cost of air conditioning, and makes the best of both safety and energy saving. Fashion style and soft crystal with transparent feeling perfect one, for the building to create light and have varied fashion business space.

2. Glass Sticker applied to the hotel

The glass curtain wall, outer window and inner partition are all made of glass patch, which ensures that the interior is full of lighting and beauty, and at the same time, it effectively enhances the privacy and safety of the interior. Night work unique let guests enjoy the night as with the graceful bearing.

3. glass patches used in restaurants and entertainment places

Beauty and elegance reflect brilliance. The glass plentiful color selection can perfectly match the overall style of the interior decoration. The visual pleasure and sensual comfort of the space. Welcome to bring extraordinary experience for the guests.

4. glass patch used in hospital

The glass film sticker has good privacy and security, creating a peaceful and safe convalescent space for the hospital. The physical and mental health of the medical and nursing staff and the patients are fully protected and the comfortable and fresh ground is constructed.

5. Glass Sticker applied to government agencies

With the steady and solemn consistency of government agencies, good safety and heat insulation and practical performance can also reduce air conditioning costs and save energy. In addition, the glass film excellent quality is more strict style.

6. Glass Sticker applied to the bank

Glass patch can create pleasant interior space, and it can also heat insulation and explosion-proof, prevent glass shattering and splashing, and hide hidden dangers from hidden dangers.

7. Glass Sticker applied to school

Glass film coating can achieve both heat insulation and safety. The excellent heat insulation effect can effectively adjust the indoor temperature, and reduce the accident to the bottom, fully guarantee the children to learn.

8. Glass Sticker applied to the Museum

Glass film coating can block 99% of the ultraviolet light, effectively protect the indoor cultural relics, historical materials, technology, collection of books and other color fading, aging, and prolong its life.

9. Glass Sticker applied to family

The home bedroom, living room, bathroom and other places can be attached to the glass patch, which can play a good role in heat insulation, energy saving, ultraviolet protection, safety and explosion protection, and protect privacy. It can make the family live better.